5 Tips to Improve the Airflow in Your Home This Summer

If you can’t find the source of poor airflow in your home, contact a local air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh to get you on the right track

5 Tips to Improve the Airflow in Your Home This Summer

As the weather reaches peak summertime temperatures in Pittsburgh, it becomes a constant challenge to stay cool in the face of the hot and humid air. Many wonder how they can avoid sweating it out all summer long. Air conditioning repair services in Pittsburgh recommend that homeowners encourage better home air circulation to cycle out the muggy air from the living spaces. You can rely on air conditioning, however air conditioning is most effective when you have good home air circulation as well. Without knowing it, you could also be putting extra strain on your air conditioner and wasting money on utility bills if your home air is stagnant. Luckily, we have created a list of tips to help you keep fresh air flowing through your home all summer.

        1. Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service In Pittsburgh to Assess Your HVAC System

Before trying every airflow improvement method, call an expert air conditioning repair company in Pittsburgh to locate the problem

man performing HVAC repair check in red gloves ducts fan gray shirt copper piping nozzles spigot
An expert can quickly identify any airflow issues that could prevent you from staying cool.

When it begins to heat up in the city, it is time to schedule your yearly HVAC maintenance from a local Pittsburgh air conditioning repair service. Yearly maintenance prevents underlying problems like clogged air filters that can lead to higher energy bills and poor air quality in the future. Consulting an expert is the easiest way to improve your home airflow and ensure you are not overpaying to keep your home cool. An HVAC professional will perform a complete inspection and cleaning, as well as locate any mechanical problems with your system before the issue worsens over the summer.

After a professional has given your HVAC system a yearly tune up, there are still many more ways to improve home air circulation. Let's get into it!

        2. Clean Your Air Filter Regularly

Cleaning and replacing your air filter is essential for improving your home air flow

dirty air filter close up thumb change hvac dirt dust pollen
Dust and dirt will clog your air filter and cause your A/C to use more electricity.

Your home air filter is designed to keep you safe from any dust, dirt, or pollutants that enter your home. This air filter becomes clogged over time, and many homeowners do not notice until they are experiencing poor circulation and weak A/C output. To prevent this from happening to you in the middle of the summer, remember to clean your filter once a month while you are regularly using your air conditioner. Just by cleaning or replacing your air filter regularly, you can improve the efficiency of your A/C system by up to 15%. If you are unsure of how to change or clean your air filter, you can always contact a Pittsburgh air conditioner repair company for help.

        3. Open Your Doors and Windows

One of the easiest ways to welcome fresh air into your is by opening your doors and windows

woman open door happy expression blouse red white jeans smiling long hair
A strong cross flow is an important part of cooling your home in the summertime.

For an easy and immediate fix to stagnant air hanging around in your home, open your windows and doors to promote consistent air flow. A strong cross flow will help fresh air enter your home regularly. To establish a cross flow in your home, you should strategically open doors and windows on either side of the room so air flows through one window and out of the other. If there are not two windows on either side of the room, open doors that will promote airflow through your home. Though this method is effective for air circulation, this is not always an ideal solution when it is very hot outside.

       4. Use Fans as Much as Possible

Using fans to cool down helps your home air quality and will help you save energy

Though it may seem like a simple fix, fans really can improve your home air circulation.

Fans are another easy solution to improve your home airflow this coming summer. You can use ceiling fans or portable fans to help get the air in your home circulating properly. By combining the effects of open windows with fans, your home air will be noticeably cooler in no time. We especially recommend using window fans. Window fans accelerate the cross air flow in your home, forcing older air out of the desired areas.

       5. Consider Installing an Attic Fan in Your Home

Eliminate stagnant air that hangs around in your attic

man installing attic fan ducts wooden frame plaid work shirt gloves concentration construction
Installing an attic fan will eliminate lots of the particles that inflame allergies and breathing problems.

We all know that hot air rises higher in your home than cooler air. Because of this natural occurrence, your attic can trap dusty and humid air that affects the air quality of your whole home. If you have been noticing poor circulation in your home, it may be time to consider installing an attic fan. Attic fans help circulate air by moving the old air from in your attic outside and encouraging consistent air flow throughout your attic space. If your attic air is stagnant for too long, this not only leads to uncomfortably hot summers but can lead to buildup of harmful particles like dust and dirt that are recirculated around your home. If you have questions about installing an attic fan in your home, you can always contact your local air conditioner repair service in Pittsburgh for helpful advice.

Don’t get used to breathing the same air! Keep your home air cool and healthy by using our 5 handy tips for improving your home air this summer. If you need to schedule a tune up or want more information about improving your home air circulation, contact Home Mechanix, an expert air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh for help. Home Mechanix offers routine maintenance, same-day repair, and 24/7 emergency HVAC services to homeowners all over the city. So don’t wait, contact us today for a free quote!


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5 Tips to Improve the Airflow in Your Home This Summer

If you can’t find the source of poor airflow in your home, contact a local air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh to get you on the right track

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