Nest Thermostats: The Money-Saving Solution for a Comfortable Home

Why a Nest Thermostat is the Solution for Saving on Pittsburgh HVAC

Nest Thermostats: The Money-Saving Solution for a Comfortable Home

Plain and simple, we all want to save on heating and cooling bills. Pittsburgh’s turbulent weather patterns combine with your busy lifestyle, making it difficult to create a plan for mastering your home heating and cooling. At Home Mechanix, the leader in Pittsburgh HVAC repair and installation, we want to help you take the guesswork out of saving on your home temperature control. The best tool for getting the job done? A Nest thermostat. We’re here to share with you everything you need to know about a Nest thermostat in your home by breaking down the following questions:

  • What is a Nest thermostat?
  • What are the features of a Nest thermostat?
  • How do I get a Nest thermostat?

What is a Nest thermostat?

The Money-Saving Solution to Home Temperature Control

Nest Thermostat

Classic thermostats and programmable controls for your home heating and cooling all claim to help save your money. However, simply putting a homeowner in control of their heating and cooling isn’t always enough to drive savings. Homeowners need a solution that is smart enough to understand your home, your habits, and the nuances behind your home heating and cooling challenges.

The Nest thermostat tackles all of these problems head-on. As a ‘learning’ thermostat developed by Google, Nest gets to know you — the temperatures you like, the parts of your home that lose heat fastest, and the times of day in which you like it a little cooler — to optimize your heating and cooling efforts.

After a few days of adjusting your Nest thermostat, Nest learns how to do the work for you. Adjusting for bedtime and cold mornings automatically, Nest keeps your home comfortable all throughout the day. 

Not only does the Nest program itself to keep you comfortable, but it helps you save on your heating and cooling bills. It does so by identifying places for improvement in your heating and cooling plan. On average, Nest saves homeowners 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills, so it pays for itself in about 2 years. 

Nest thermostats help you master your home heating and cooling using smart technologies and a number of smart features. What features from nest are you bound to love? Check them out next.

What are the features of a Nest thermostat?

google nest features

Simple App Interface

Your Nest thermostat can be controlled from anywhere at any time. Using a clean, user-friendly app on your phone or device, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere. Now you never have to worry about your home being too hot when you get home or your pipes bursting from cold weather in the midst of your winter getaway. With Nest, you are always in control of your home’s comfort.


One of the biggest ways the Nest saves you energy is through Auto-Away: the smart feature that senses when you are away for the day. Nest saves energy by turning down the heat when you don’t need it or turning down the air conditioning when nobody is home. This way, you never have to turn down the heat before bed or before leaving, but always return to a comfortable home, guaranteed.

Nest Temperature Sensor

Some rooms in your home heat and cool differently than the others. This can be caused by poor insulation, old windows, excessive sunlight, and high foot traffic. With the Nest temperature sensor, you can make sure that these rooms are getting the TLC they need to stay comfortable. Tiny sensors help Nest understand when to prioritize these areas so that every room in your home is as cozy as possible.


Typical thermostats only run your fan when the air conditioner is on. Once the air conditioning shuts off, the fan does too, leaving cool air in your vents. Airwave helps keep the fan running to continue to circulate and distribute cool air in your home for maximum comfort and minimal costs.

The Leaf System

Energy efficiency and savings are at the core of Nest’s mission. The Leaf System helps you create a plan for maximum energy efficiency, encouraging you to make changes that are good for your wallet and the environment. When you change your Nest to an energy-efficient temperature, the Leaf icon appears on the display to let you know that you’re saving energy, leading you to make smarter decisions for your home heating and cooling.

How do I get a Nest thermostat?

Pittsburgh HVAC Experts Take Care of the Dirty Work

nest thermostat writing expert

Saving you on energy bills and paying itself off in about two years, a Nest thermostat is a wise investment for nearly any home. Better yet, getting one is super easy. Available at many large retailers, Nest thermostats can be purchased with ease.

However, not everyone feels comfortable installing a Nest thermostat. Home Mechanix - a certified Nest installer - can help take care of the dirty work for you. We connect your new Nest thermostat with your existing HVAC system (or a new one if you’re due for a change), test it to make sure it’s set up correctly, and can even take the time to make sure you’re ready to make the most out of your new energy-saving technology. 

Home Mechanix makes your transition to the Nest life easier than ever, keeping you in control of your temperature and home heating & cooling expenses for years to come.

Get a Nest Thermostat in Your Home

Home Mechanix is a certified installer of Nest Thermostats in the Pittsburgh area. Reach out to us to start saving on home heating and cooling today.

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