Top 6 Reasons You Should Clean Your AC Vents

Find out from a top air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh how cleaning your AC vents will help you save energy and stay comfortable

Top 6 Reasons You Should Clean Your AC Vents

Your air conditioner is a life saver for the hot Pittsburgh summers, so you want to make sure your AC is ready to go before the temperature gets too hot. However, too many people turn on their air conditioners for the first time every year without checking their air vents. Your air conditioning vents run to every room of your home and can bring unwanted dust and dirt into all of your living space. To avoid any unwanted particles in your living spaces or your home air, we recommend getting your air conditioner vents cleaned by a professional air conditioner repair service in Pittsburgh.

Dust and dirt removal are not the only benefits of air conditioner vent cleaning, getting your system cleaned can also improve your home efficiency and extend the life of your HVAC system. Keep reading to learn more about how a vent cleaning can improve your air conditioner performance this summer.

   1. You Have Difficulty Keeping Your Home Clean Because of Dust

A good air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh can eliminate excess dust buildup in your air vents

woman dusting bookshelf in living room
Without regular duct cleaning, you may end up taking longer on household chores.

Behind your walls your air vents can collect dust over the years that you may not even be aware of. When you clean your home, you may notice it is always a little bit dusty or that there is dust collecting on the outside of your air vent covers. If air conditioner vent dust buildup becomes noticeable in your home, it is time for a cleaning. You can determine how much dust has accumulated by removing the vent cover and visually inspecting the ducts. If dust is visible on the inside and outside of your vents, it is definitely time to call a trusted air conditioner repair service in Pittsburgh to clean your vents.

   2. Unwanted Guests Are Residing in Your Air Ducts

Pests can cause further damage to your HVAC system, so make sure to contact a air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh to perform a full cleaning

air ducts in attic construction wooden supports
By cleaning your vents, you can keep your home pest free and ensure sanitary air flow.

Though we’d prefer not to think about it, there are rodents and bugs that can make their way into your home and reside in your air vents. These unwelcome guests can cause problems with your AC and are generally destructive to your ductwork and AC unit. Having pests living in your air ducts contributes to poor home air quality and can cut the life of your HVAC unit short. When rodents make their way into your vents, you may find chewed up parts of your HVAC system and other unwanted signs of rodent infestation. If you suspect that there may be bugs or rodents living in your vents, you should schedule a vent cleaning as soon as possible.

    3. You Have Done Some Major Construction on Your Home Recently

Don’t let dust and debris from your home improvements clog your air conditioner

man with drill repairman drilling air vent hard hat orange
Make sure that  past construction doesn’t disrupt your air conditioning.

If you have recently done some construction work on your home, you should contact a local air conditioner repair service to clean your vents. When making improvements to your home, construction can get disruptive. That means that without your knowledge, dust and other particles from construction can hang around in your air ducts and even cause damage to your air conditioner. After you complete your project, it is best to get your air vents cleaned as soon as possible.

   4. You Have Noticed a Significant Decline in Your Home Air Quality

Beware of mold buildup that could significantly affect your home air quality

man coughing and sneezing in home living room
Poor home air quality can sneak up on you.

Though dust and dirt are major concerns when it comes to keeping your air vents clean, mold is a much more serious issue. If you live in a humid climate or your home tends to be very humid, you should consider getting your air vents cleaned to make sure that there is no harmful mold growing. If you have noticed a drop in your home air quality, or have a suspected mold growth in your ducts, contact a skilled professional to safely remove the mold. Once your ducts are cleaned and mold free, your air quality will improve.

   5. Your Energy Bills Have Been Steadily Increasing

Keeping your home cool during the summer isn't cheap! Make sure you aren't overpaying for your AC

man checking energy bill and adjusting thermostat
Don’t compromise your air conditioning this summer, make sure your HVAC is working efficiently.

When you are trying to keep your home cool this summer, you don’t want anything to make your HVAC work harder than necessary. Dust, debris and pests can all cause blockages that contribute to an inefficient HVAC system delivering less cooled air while using more energy. If these blockages persist, they can often worsen and put extra stress on your air conditioner. By calling a professional to clean your ducts, you can ensure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency and you are not overpaying on your energy bills. 

   6. You Want to Extend the Longevity of Your HVAC System

Avoid putting extra pressure on your HVAC system by cleaning your air vents

man on roof taping up a vent rope wooden platform
Know that you can trust your air conditioner for years to come.

Replacing your HVAC system is expensive, so you want to get the full life span out of your air conditioner. When your HVAC system gets a little bit older, you should schedule an air vent cleaning  to make sure that there is nothing in your system that is putting extra pressure on your system. If your air conditioner is working against blockages or other types of buildup in your ducts, your unit is wearing itself out and shortening its service life. To avoid replacing your HVAC before you need to, it is recommended to schedule an air vent cleaning appointment.

If you are interested in learning even more about how you maximize the life span of your HVAC system, contact Home Mechanix, an expert air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh, for help. Home Mechanix offers routine maintenance, same-day repair, and 24/7 emergency HVAC services to homeowners all over the city. So don’t wait, contact us today for a free quote!


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Top 6 Reasons You Should Clean Your AC Vents

Find out from a top air conditioning repair service in Pittsburgh how cleaning your AC vents will help you save energy and stay comfortable

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