5 Warning Signs Telling You to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Oct 25, 2021Post

If your AC unit is trying to tell you something is wrong, it’s time to find a skilled air conditioner repair service in Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh natives know that air conditioning is essential in the muggy summer months. So, before it starts to warm up, it’s time to check on your system to make sure it’s ready to go for another season. On average, you should replace your AC unit every 10 years, though some can break down sooner than their expected lifespan, due to improper installation or poor maintenance over time. If you are noticing unwelcome changes like inconsistent cooling in your home, it’s time to find an air conditioner repair service in Pittsburgh before the problems get any worse. Pay attention to these signs you may need your AC unit replaced before it really starts to warm up.

Fluid Leaks

If you are noticing fluid leaking out of your air conditioner, this is a sign you need to get a replacement or AC repair

Paying attention to your air conditioner can help you preemptively address problems before your unit begins to wear down.

Other than small amounts of condensation, there should be no fluid coming out of your air conditioner. Regularly checking for fluid leaks is an easy visual way to tell that your AC unit may need to be replaced in the near future. There are several reasons that can cause your system to leak fluid including a clogged condensation drain line, a dirty air filter or a refrigerant leak. In the case of a refrigeration leak, you will most likely need to call an air conditioner repair service in Pittsburgh, PA to replace your air conditioner.

Strange Noises

Don’t hesitate to call a Pittsburgh AC repair service if you are hearing unusual noises

Always call an expert to assist if you are hearing unusual noises.

A strange noise coming from your air conditioner is never a comforting sign. It is likely that any alarming noise resembling a grinding or banging is a sign of a serious problem . If these sounds persist, you should call an air conditioner repair service in Pittsburgh as soon as possible. After many years of use, your AC unit will start to break down and parts will loosen, causing distressing noises. If this is the case, you will likely need a replacement air conditioner soon. It is also possible that the rubber feet that support the AC unit have worn down and are causing the unit to become unstable, which is a much easier problem to diagnose.

Your AC Unit Uses Freon as a Refrigerant

Freon is being quickly phased out of new AC units, so it’s important to know which one your home uses

Systems that use Puron will help you reduce your monthly bills.

It is super important to be aware of what refrigerant your AC unit is using to keep you cool. AC systems use one of two different refrigerants, Puron and Freon. Beginning in 2020 all manufacturing using the chemical Freon has stopped, leaving a limited time to have your older AC unit replaced. New systems all use Puron, which is more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly than Freon. If you know your AC is still produced by Freon and you are experiencing issues staying cool, it is time to get a replacement.

Your AC just isn’t working like it used to

As your air conditioner ages, it becomes less efficient

Properly functioning AC is the first step to a great summer. Image courtesy of Pexels.

Has it become more difficult in the last year to keep your home cool? It could be time to take a good look at your AC unit and determine if it needs to be replaced. Your AC unit should be working to keep you cool all summer long, not sputtering out in the hot summer months. Older AC units have to work harder to achieve the same results, so you may be constantly turning down your thermostat just to keep the same temperature. It is important to keep a close eye on your thermostat and make sure you are getting the cooling results you want. If you’re feeling too warm this summer, it’s probably a sign to replace your AC.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Don’t end up overpaying for your utilities when you could save money by installing a new energy saving AC system

You may be overpaying for cooling services. Image courtesy of Pexels.

An AC unit at the end of its service life isn’t going to operate as efficiently as it used to, which often leads to higher energy costs. Switching to a same size unit with a higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) can reduce your energy consumption by a large margin. Though it is initially expensive to replace your AC unit, it can save you money in the long term. It is important to consider the SEER rating when considering a new AC unit as it measures the output of the unit, so the higher the SEER rating, the more money you could save.

Should I repair or replace my AC Unit?

You can always call an air conditioner repair in Pittsburgh, PA to help assess the situation

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you may be wondering whether it will be worthwhile to repair or to replace your AC unit. It is important to first consider the age of your AC unit and determine whether you will prolong it’s lifespan or delay an eventual replacement. If your AC unit is over 10 years old, it is likely time to get it replaced. For a free quote, contact Home Mechanix today! Pittsburgh HVAC experts Home Mechanix offers routine maintenance, same-day repair, and 24/7 emergency HVAC services to homeowners around the city.

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